There are so many good femslash websites out there and I only know a fraction of them, but here you go!


Passion & Perfection: Multifandom archive.
The Pink Rabbit Consortium: Multifandom archive.
GL Dartt's Fiction: Mostly Voyager and Bad Girls with some original fiction as well. Wonderful writing all around!
Wonderful World of Make Believe (WWOMB): Insanely huge fandom archive run by the wonderful Peja!


BSG Femslash: This is a community for Battlestar Galactica fans to talk about and post fanfiction centering around the female characters - specifically the interrelations between them! You can share your fanfiction, talk about episodes, post pictures/icons/wallpapers. So long as they are somehow related to the female pairings/characters.
KateAbby: For anything and everything relating to the NCIS ship Kate/Abby. Discussion, icons, fanfic, manipulations, screencaps, banners etc. are all welcome.
SG1 & SGA Femslash: A Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis community for the posting of femslash fanfiction, graphics, meta, and more.

All femslash of any rating is welcomed, as are crossovers (with main f/f pairing, including at least one 'Gateverse woman) and threesomes and moresomes (with two or more women involved). If you are not of legal age in your country, please be aware that this community may contain adult fiction.
Stargate Women: The women of SG-1 and Atlantis might “just” be fictional characters to some, but for us these gals are heroes who embody “grace under pressure” and have helped stretch the boundaries of scifi leading ladies. We love them, we love to talk about them, make icons, write stories -- you name it. And shall we talk about the villians? You bet! We just love to hate these women. Whether its Osiris, Linnea or any of the numerous hellions, we’ll take them on any day plus we want more of them. And if you love these show and these women, then we know you probably feel the same way about the talented actors who portray them! (seems to mostly be icons, but who doesn't love the pretty? Plus there's some fic)
Saffic: Saffic is a community designed to share, read and celebrate fanfic, drabbles, icons, recs and fanart that focus on the relationships between women. We're a multifandom comm, ranging from the gargantuan fandoms to the rare and quirky. You're sure to find something you'll like... We're also probably the only cross-fandom archive to have more Enid Blyton stories than any other fandom. (not an "anything goes" site, but still pretty active and cool)
Batverse Femslash: A femslash community for the women in DC comics' Batverse, Birds of Prey, 52, Gotham Girls etc ...

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