Send your (edited) completed fic to this email in order to get it posted. Please use .doc if at all possible and .rtf if you don't use word. In the email, include the following header information:

Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC18
Previous Installments:

Allow for a full week to see the fic posted. At least until we get a couple more volunteers to help with the posting. If you don't see it by then, please send a (polite) follow-up to the same posting email.

There aren't that many rules to post your fic here. If you follow them, you'll have no problems!
1. Beta/edit your fics. Post the best fic you can possibly write. If we see that there are blatant grammar and spelling errors or just bad writing in general, the fics will be denied with a polite rejection. And yes, we do have standards of writing here, though content won't be a factor. Acceptable formats are .doc, .htm, .html, or .rtf.
2. There must be at least two women involved at some point, unless it's a masturbation fic. Or Cylons, which may or may not qualify as toys, depending on your pov. *grin*
3. Men are allowed, as are slash pairings, in any detail as long as there is equal representation of a fem pairing. Bisexual or threesomes are also allowed, but again, there must be at some point, two women involved.
4. WARNINGS must be used!! Just because you like underage/watersports/bdsm/threesomes/etc., doesn't mean everyone else does and people really don't want to read what squicks them.
5. Speaking of is allowed here, but you must put in a warning for it and automatically rate it NC18. There will also be a real scrutiny of this type of fic when the "child" in question is under fifteen (15) years of age so that it's not glorifying a horrific abuse. The age of fifteen (15) will be considered age of consent, as it is in most countries, but you still must put in an underage warning on the fic. That goes automatically for Smallville, Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, and Heroes, off the top of my head.
6. Incest. This isn't as much an issue in fem slash as with male slash, but if it comes up in a fandom (I haven't seen all these shows, so I don't know), it is allowed but you must warn for the incest.
That's it! As long as those few rules are followed, this should be a great experience for everyone.

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