Why do we exist when there are so many other, wonderful archives? Because I've noticed a trend in the other websites that your characters have to play nice. That there needs to be some kind of emotional connection between the characters when we all know perectly well that annonymous, hot sex happens between women all the time. I love a good relationship story as much as the next woman, but I hate being told there can't be anything else.

So this is an attempt on my part, nancy from thetethmuse1 website, to create an archive that hosts everything under the sun as long as it involves two (or more) women. Crossovers, AUs, pwp, kink, no sex at all, heartfelt emotional trainwrecks, angst, horror, smut, BDSM, whatever. If you want Kaylee from Firefly to go through time to have a one-night stand in order to save the 'verse by submtting to Alex from SVU, go for it. If you want Megan from Numb3rs to meet Cathrine from CSI at a conference and strike up a sweet, long distance relationship, do it! Or maybe Helen and Nikki from Bad Girls visit a Dungeon to switch up power roles. Anything goes here.

That's about the size of it! I hope this catches on and everyone feels at home here!

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